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Tours and Itineraries

Tour Basilica di San Vitale

Tour Ravenna UNESCO Heritage

This interesting itinerary to discover the late Roman and Byzantine gems of the city allows to discover the main UNESCO sites 

- Basilica of San Vitale

- Mausoleum of Galla Placidia

- Neonian Baptistery

- Dante’s tomb

- Basilica of Sant'Apollinare Nuovo

The tour is customizable and can be extended to the whole day, morning and afternoon, for a maximum duration of 5 hours

Tour Basilica di Sant'Apollinare in Classe

Ravenna Freepass School Groups

Some of the most important monuments of the city allow free admission to school groups. The Ravenna Freepass itinerary, designed to make the most of this opportunity, includes:

- Basilica of Sant'Apollinare in Classe

- Mausoleum of Theodoric (exterior)

- Piazza del Popolo

- Dante’s Tomb

Visita guidata Mausoleo di Galla Placidia

Ravenna Under the Stars

If your idea of a perfect visit includes a unique and original view of the main artistic attractions, this is the tour for you!  

Admire Ravenna in its evening, the visit includes a night walk in the City center from the Tomb of Dante to Piazza del Popolo and the entrance to the Basilica of San Vitale and the Mausoleum of Galla Placidia.

Tour available only in July and August on Friday nights

Food Tour Ravenna

Art & Taste

Discover Ravenna through the flavors of its land and be carried away by the charm of its shimmering mosaics.

If you are in love with good Italian food, but you also want to enjoy the artistic beauty of the city, this tour will allow you to combine great tastes of typical Ravenna's food and wine and admire the most iconic UNESCO sites in an easy walk in the pedestrian area of the city center. This tour allows a maximum of 10 participants

Tour Contemporary Mosaics Ravenna

Focus Mosaic

If you want to immerse yourself in the world of mosaic at 360°, this tour will offer you an in-depth view of this ancient technique retracing its history from antiquity to the present days.

Tour street Art Ravenna

Ravenna Street Art

Discover the contemporary and an alternative face of the city centre on an interactive tour suitable for all ages.

Before participating, download the app that I will recommend and participate in the capture of the most significant street artworks and share your score!

Tour Po delta Park Punte Alberete Ravenna

Hiking in Punte Alberete 

If your idea of a perfect holiday includes the contact with nature and discovering unique places, then the Punta Alberete Hiking is the one for you. Together, we we are going to explore one of the last flooded forests in Europe.

I highly recommend suitable shoes, mosquito spray, sunscreen and binoculars

Tour Pialassa Baiona Pineta di San Vitale Ravenna Parco del delta del Po

Hiking in San Vitale Pinewood and Pialassa Baiona

If you want to explore something truly unique, choose the hiking in the centuries-old Pineta di San Vitale. You will discover a beautiful view of the Po Delta Park, letting yourself be carried away by the sounds and scents of nature.

I highly recommend suitable shoes, mosquito spray, sunscreen and binoculars

Ravenna Cooking Class Food Experience

Romagna Mia Cooking Class

Discover the secrets of Romagna cuisine with an unforgettable gastronomic experience that includes the preparation of a full menu from appetizer to dessert.

At the end of the lesson you can enjoy the meal you have prepared accompanied by the most suitable wine to pair with the chosen dishes 

The cooking class is customizable according to your tastes and dietary needs

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